Christmas Presents 2020

What did you all get for Christmas? I got a number of genuine Fender parts, Adeson vintage single coil pickups and a Jamie Humphries instructional DVD from the excellent Lick Library series. I intend to return my red Strat to original Fender specification as I prepare to put Brian May guitars and gear on the shelf and move in a new direction in 2021. I got into Pink Floyd in my first year at Durham University in 1992 when my then room-mate Phil Malone at Grey College played The Wall constantly. I listened to Brit Floyd and The Australian Pink Floyd Show (TAPFS) a lot recently while developing this web site.

It goes without saying that David Gilmour is revered amongst guitar players for his unique sounds which, unlike Brian May tones, are surprisingly challenging to nail down at home. I have ordered an EMG DG20 loaded pickguard from Andertons which is due back in stock at the end of January 2021 but this standard Fender Stratocaster outfit will do the job along with RAT 2 and Big Muff Pi distortion pedals and a TC Electronic G-Major 2 effects unit. Nigel Knight has built himself a custom KAT-DG HiWatt 50 Special amplifier with Fane Crescendo speakers and is willing to explore a lower-powered custom HiWatt project for chasing Gilmour tones at home… unless I splash out on a HiWatt Little Rig DR20/0.5 first! Check out the details on his website:

One of the leading internet resources for Gilmour information is the excellent Gilmourish site founded 2003, designed, written and hosted by Bjorn Riis:

Festive Season Good Wishes 2020/21

Best wishes to everybody around the world who has shown interest in DSGB, whether on Facebook or in this new incarnation, Traditionally, in Britain, we erect real or artificial spruce trees in our houses and decorate them with lights, baubles, tinsel and a combination of pagan and Christian symbols such as Santa Klaus/Kris Kringle, angels, stars, etc. whether or not we observe the practices of these religions. As in previous years, I augmented our tree decorations with some Brian May themed objects.

May all your Christmases be red and magical in this season of good will to people of all faiths and denominations. I hope this blog post gives you a boost and there is no delay in receiving your gifts. I will be wishing that the world is a better place in 2021 and that music continues to bring us together.

Festive Season Good Wishes 2018/19

Happy Christmas and best wishes for 2019 from DSGB. May you all receive quality music-themed socks and find better uses for treble booster effects pedals than I did.