Brian May Red Special Replica Build Part 55: Body Assembly

I drilled the brass roller bridge mount inserts for my Brian May Red Special replica guitar using my Stepcraft CNC machine to ensure a precise result, glued them in place with cyanoacrylate superglue and fitted the switch frame and potentiometer and capacitor mounting plate. Fitting nylon potentiometer shaft extenders to avoid having to modify the switch frame, it became evident that the cuboid mounting block is not positioned correctly so I will cut a replacement from oak and revisit this. Using the mounted switch frame to self-locate the position of the pickguard via the Jeanrenaud switch actuators, I screwed in the pickguard mounting screws to their final positions. I also manually carved some wood from the jack socket rebate to ensure a good fit. The fretboard requires some additional coats of Rustins Plastic Coating after fret dressing and before final assembly of the nut, etc.

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