Brian May Red Special Replica Build Part 28: The Body (Final Quality CNC Cut)

Once the final quality blockboard workpieces were ready, I re-cut the lower and upper body sections on 9th and 11th August 2017 respectively. I was satisfied with how these turned out in terms of flatness of the board and general construction, etc. The actual thickness was 19.2-19.3 mm so slightly over the nominal 19.05 mm (3/4″) but within my desired tolerance of -0.1 to +0.25 mm. The images in the gallery below illustrate the separate body sections with some close-up images to illustrate the grain. There is a sliver of outer layer of plywood left which is peeling off. I removed this and painted the plywood in the exposed cavities with Rustins blackboard paint. Other than de-burring the edges with abrasive paper, it is shown as it came off my Stepcraft CNC machine.

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