3/4 Scale Brian May Red Special Project Part 12: Making the Ebony Fretboard

I made the fretboard from an ebony blank manually using Stewart Macdonald tools including a 7.25″ radius aluminium radiusing beam, 3M Stikit Gold self-adhesive abrasive paper and fretted it using Japanese fretting saw and mitre block. I had a custom StewMac style notched template laser cut from stainless steel by U.K. laser company Sorb Engineering with 24″ and 19″ scales. Later, I recommended them to Tim Grocott who collaborated with me to make replica vintage style Jeanrenaud DPDT parallel slide switches. I also bought a StewMac fret arbor press and various tools to make the fretting process easier. The images in the picture gallery below illustrate the apparatus deployed on my later full size Brian May Red Special build project. Further details can be found here:


I marked and drilled the holes for the fret marker dots manually and fitted white 5 mm diameter Mother-of-Pearl (MOP) fret marker dots from Rothko and Frost via eBay.

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