Backstory started life as a Facebook blog page in October 2017 because I sought more ownership of, and creative influence over the presentation of my guitar projects than website based forums and social media platforms offered. As busy professional people eschew social media platforms in increasing numbers because of their distraction value and negative, sometimes offensive content, a move to a traditional website seems timely. I aim to provide quality, factual content, primarily while ensuring that any subjective material is positive.

I first became interested in Queen’s music at around fourteen years old when I was lent A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races in vinyl LP format although ‘my era’ for pop music is the 1980s. I first picked up a guitar (in fact, former Labour MSP Richard Baker’s acoustic guitar) in lower sixth form at school and learned to play Paint It Black by The Rolling Stones.

Before that I played clarinet for a few years in my early teens and since I only took elementary musical grades on pianoforte, my musical ability is somewhat limited. However, my desire to investigate, modify and make things then write about them is not limited. Guitars, amplifiers and effects offer a lot of scope for this.

I joined a Brian May guitar & gear enthusiast web forum at the end of August 2012 to seek advice on a BMG Mini May 3/4 scale guitar I had recently bought for my son. I was soon drawn in by new alliances and hobby opportunities. A latent ambition to build a replica of Brian’s famous home made Red Special electric guitar was revived.

This website is all about my main leisure interest but if you are curious about my professional pursuits in the U.K. civil nuclear power sector, feel free to connect with me via Linked In:

Please note that this DSGB has nothing in common musically with The Down South Georgia Boys rap band or good and worthy organisations including The Dozenal Society of Great Britain, The Dysautonomia Society of Great Britain, Disabled Shooting Great Britain or DanceSport Great Britain.