Brian May Red Special Replica Build Part 52: Test Assembly

After completing preparations for applying the lacquer, grain filling and staining the neck, I assembled the parts for fit tests. Part of the hardware fitting included reaming the 3/8” (9.5 mm) machine head holes out to 9.8 mm diameter to accept Schaller M6 3L3R locking tuners. A test fit of the electronics components indicates that there are tight clearances with the KAT stainless steel potentiometer shaft extenders (Nigel Knight had to file a rebate out of Brian’s original frame to accommodate the tone pot shaft extender before the tone pot was removed from the circuit). To avoid having to modify the switch frame and the plywood overhang (the design of which was too close to the volume potentiometer in any case), I plan to fit a set of nylon pot shaft extenders.

In the next gallery of photographs which depict the build status at the end of 2018, please note that the hardware is placed in approximate positions; for example, the bridge is too far forward. As with my 3/4 scale 1975 Brian May Red Special build, the perceived hue can change dramatically from orangey red to walnut brown depending on the colour temperature of the incident light (LED daylight and compact fluorescent lamps) and the viewing angle.

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