Brian May’s Other Guitars

I produced the video below in January 2023 to illustrate and talk about some of Brian May’s guitars that you might have seen him using in a Queen + Adam Lambert concert or showing off on his social media accounts. Ten guitars in total are featured in chronological order that they were built starting with the replicas made by Greg Fryer dubbed ‘John’ and ‘George Burns’ then the Guyton Green Special (2003), Guyton Spade Guitar (2004), Scalloped fretboard Guyton Special #010531 (2005), Guyton Red Special bass #120864 (2008), Guyton 12/6 Doubleneck #120979 (2011), Guyton Semi-acoustic ‘The Badger’ #111087 (2014), Guyton RS Transporter #0117141 (2017) and the Guyton Red Special with Eclipse pickups #0118157 (2018).

Andrew Guyton of Guyton Guitars supplied high resolution photographs of his guitars and granted me permission to use them in this video.

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