3/4 Scale Brian May Red Special Project Part 13: The Finished Guitar

I finally completed this 3/4 scale Brian May Red Special guitar project in January 2015. A selection of pictures taken then are included in the gallery below but this wasn’t the end of the story. Note that the pickguard fitted at this time was not the final version; I redesigned it to improve the overall shape in 2017 prior to presenting it to Brian May.

I took the instrument along to the 2017 Red Special meet-up at Theale Village Hall in Reading, Berkshire, U.K. on 7th October 2017 where Andy Guyton of Guyton Guitars and a few other enthusiasts (Dan Thomas and Gerben van Dooremaal) took a look at it.

Dan Thomas and Matt Hutchison were the only people brave enough to play it through a full fat Vox AC30 with a Fryer treble booster and be filmed! A couple of minutes of Dan’s effort are included in the embedded video below. Please bear in mind the following points when listening:
(a) a 19″ scale 3/4 sized guitar is not easy for an adult player to just pick up and play Queen riffs on; in particular it is very easy to overbend the strings. I think that Dan demonstrates it very well.
(b) The video clip was recorded on an iPhone 7, not professional recording equipment.
Nevertheless, listen to the tone and decide for yourself whether it is authentic Brian May Red Special.

That is still not the end of the story because in December 2017, I got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet Brian May and have him autograph the guitar before the Queen + Adam Lambert concert at the SSE Hydro arena in Glasgow, U.K. You can read my blog post about that experience here:


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