3/4 Scale Brian May Red Special Project Part 5: Aluminium Control Plate

I made the KZ Super Brian May Red Special replica style control plate from 2 mm thick aluminium plate by the following method:

  • Printing the CAD design on paper and fixing the template to the plate using clear self-adhesive tape.
  • Scoring the outlines of the overall shape and the switch and potentiometer holes into the plate using a heavy duty utility blade.
  • Drilling out the potentiometer holes with a 3/8″ (9.5 mm) diameter HSS twist drill.
  • Drilled out the switch holes with twist drills and then filed them to shape manually using small diamond files.
  • Cutting out the overall shape using a rotary multi tool fitted with a diamond cutting wheel then filed to shape manually using small diamond files.
  • Drilling M2 mounting holes and added a countersink to ensure that the screw heads were flush with the plate because the intention was that the top face of the control plate would be flush with the top face of the guitar body, unlike the original guitar.

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