Brian May Red Special Replica Build Part 43: Neck and Fretboard Assembly

I glued the fretboard to the neck utilising the uncut surrounding frame to attach alignment tabs. The first attempt using Gorilla wood glue resulted in the fretboard skewing to one side by an unacceptable amount when I tightened the Irwin quick release clamps so I removed it and tried again using Evo Stik contact adhesive that I used to attach the side veneer strips. This was successful but left a small (< 0.5 mm) gap in places which I cleared of glue and filled with Ronseal High Performance Wood Filler. I then removed the neck from its surrounding uncut frame (sides only) but I left the end pieces attached to allow mounting to a base board while final sanding, grain filling and flatting prior to painting.

At this stage, the mahogany has been carved to profile and abraded with 320 grit paper; the oak fretboard has been final sanded with the StewMac aluminium radiusing beam and 600 grit paper and is ready for grain filling with black Jecofill. Use of 600 grit abrasive leaves the fretboard surface with a slight sheen as can be seen in some of the attached images.

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