Small Steps, Big Bucks

Who would want to be in Brian May’s shoes? What does it cost to walk in a rock icon’s footsteps? Important questions that we can now answer…

A mere £3,900 if the hammer price of Small Steps’ latest charity auction is anything to go by. They recently sold a pair of white and gold striped Adidas Superstars with red contrast stitching and unique gold and brown stamped tongue detail in UK size 10 kindly donated by Brian. Congratulations to the lucky winner of the eBay auction who has made a generous donation to a worthy cause.

Small Steps Project is a humanitarian charity which delivers shoes and emergency aid to children and families who live on landfill sites around the world. They raise awareness of the unacceptable hardships they face as well as funds for aid through film. Small Steps Project collects celebrity shoes which are then auctioned to provide shoes for children with none. If you wish to find out more about the Small Steps Project Charity visit their web site: