Attic Find: Westfield Mini Les Paul

I bought this Westfield mini Les Paul guitar in January 2014 from an eBay seller who was Head of Stage on the London WWRY production for six years. He got Brian May to sign it back stage as a gift for his daughter but I decided to remove the silver Sharpie signature from the rear of the guitar body because it seemed inappropriate.

It has a solid wood body with an attractive grain structure and the neck and headstock are set at similar angles to a full size Gibson Les Paul. I checked the frets with a StewMac straight edge and was pleased to find that they are perfectly uniform so there is no reason why this shouldn’t look great and play well. I think it would make a fun display with my 3/4 scale Brian May Red Special. The guitar sat in its gig bag in my attic for seven years until I finally completed the project to upgrade all the hardware in March 2021. You can read about the details here: