Lock Your Mother Down

On May 3rd 2020, Steve McCulla suggested that the amateur musicians who frequent the web Red Special Forum (http://www.red-special.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=5414) record a version of a popular Queen song in Covid-19 lockdown.

Nigel Knight, who is a accomplished drummer, offered to lay down the percussion and mix the contributions (recorded on each performer’s smartphone) into an audio track and video.

The finished video of Tie Your Mother Down (enthusiast code TYMD) was published on Nigel’s YouTube channel and is embedded below.

Doubtless you will recognise some of the Red Special community’s players including Gerben van Dooremal, Matt Hutchison, Martin Pitcher, Mark Reynolds, Dan Thomas (bass guitar) and Luke Timmins. What a great result! Thanks to everyone for making this happen.