Mike Hill (1952 – 2019)

In autumn 2019, Mike Hill passed away. Readers with only a casual interest in guitars and amplification might not be aware that his technical expertise was valued by a client list that literally read like an A to Z of rock and pop including AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Brian May, Dave Gilmour, Iron Maiden, Oasis and many others. Starting off as an apprentice at the age of 18 for Marshall Amplification, Mike worked his way up through the company to eventually become joint Managing Director.

In 1995 Mike formed his own company, Mike Hill Services, which started out offering amplifier modification and repair services then expanded into provision of products and systems including bespoke pedal boards, custom switching units and variable power supplies.

“Due to the importance of high quality and reliability in all aspects of his work, Mike has always had to source and select the highest quality valves. During his inspection process there has always been a high percentage of rejection. The Elite Collection – all which live up to the Mike Hill Services standard.”