Guyton RS Transporter #0817154 (No. 9 of 25)

In January 2019, I was very pleased to be able to acquire Guyton RS Transporter #0817154 (No. 9 of 25). I am the instrument’s third owner after it was originally commissioned by Craig Farley of Queen Tribute band Forever Queen. I’ve been unable to see them play live because most of the venues they play at are in the south of England. Check their pages out:

The Guyton RS Transporter was designed by Red Special community stalwart Martin Pitcher and is expertly realised by Suffolk luthier Andy Guyton. It has achieved the distinction of replacing the scalloped fretboard Guyton Red Special as Brian May’s pre-concert warm-up guitar.

In the unlikely event that you’re not already familiar with this guitar, please check out Craig’s unboxing video on YouTube where he makes a significantly better job of demonstrating it than I ever could
. The guitar is designed to be a travel variant of Brian May’s original Red Special with woods, neck dimensions, Adeson Tri-Sonic pickups, pickup spacing and controls closely reflecting those of the original instrument. It is obviously headless and makes good use of the JCustom XS tremolo bridge.

Demonstration of Guyton RS Transporter 0817154 (No. 9 of 25) by Craig Farley, lead guitarist with Queen Tribute Band Forever Queen.

The pictures in the gallery below are copyright Andrew Guyton of Guyton Guitars.

The Guyton RS Transporter from Guyton Guitars.
Danny Porter, guitarist from “Burn The Headlines” checking out his Guyton RS Transporter.