Maryport Bitter and Blues Festival 2004

While browsing my photo albums I had a flashback to one of those rare and memorable occasions when a big name star performs at a small local venue: in this case legendary blues guitarist Buddy Guy at The Maryport Bitter & Blues Festival in August 2004. I was right at the front and the ringing in my ears took at least a week to subside! The festival was beginning to gain momentum and Buddy was the biggest star to appear at that time. He played all his best material and engaged with an enthusiastic audience in an intimate marquee venue via his mid-song conversations, a crowd ‘walkabout’, some musical impersonations of greats such as John Lee Hooker, B.B. King and Marvin Gaye and he threw all his guitar picks into the crowd at the end. My only complaint was that his crew did the longest sound check in history… Nothing like building anticipation!

Spotted. Mr B. Guy. Loud and proud and way off his usual manor in West Cumbria.